Beg buy: [Racing bike] abundant Tian Sule is graceful
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Model sort Car source condition Brand type
Racing bike Beg in buying Abundant Tian Sule is graceful
Demand fixed number of year Requirement price Information period of efficacy
2-2 125000-125000 30
Hope seat Transmission Color
Shanxi is saved - long treat The hand is moved Gules
Contact Connect a telephone call Contact a mobile phone
Gao Yang 0755-21175868 13418593858
Buy car use Other requirement
Ride instead of walk Make work urgently 6 years SOLARA of abundant cropland Su Lena two racing bike, gules exterior, cream-colored derma interior trim, travel 30 thousand much kilometer, price 125 thousand, luxurious safety is made up; Engine of V6 of 3.3 litres of 24 a powerful person, 5 fast automatic transmission, before / backlash aerates shock absorber and stable system, 4 rounds of ABS prevent dual class driver lock brake system, double before safe gasbag / side gasbag, the gate beam that flank bumps, in-house main force releases processing, tire pressure is monitored, xenon enrages headlight, electric car window, door lock accuses in, dynamoelectric heat rearview mirror, system of sound of stereo of 6 dish CD, partition controls air conditioning of automatic constant temperature, truckload former outfit entrance, 9 into much newer, have top quality stability and reliability, be extremely sharp fast run, but the spot sees car test-drive, formalities is all ready, countrywide each district all can go up card change the name of owner in a register, the car arrives pay, intended person bring a person or call: 0755-21175868 mobile phone: 13418593858 contacts: Crash

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