Beg buy: [Car] Feng Tiankai beautiful luck
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Model sort Car source condition Brand type
Car Beg in buying Feng Tiankai beautiful luck
Demand fixed number of year Requirement price Information period of efficacy
10-10 0-0 90
Hope seat Transmission Color
Shanxi is saved - Taiyuan The hand is moved Black
Contact Connect a telephone call Contact a mobile phone
Li Jia Did not fill in 13664439162
Buy car use Other requirement
Battalion carry Oneself make over Feng Tiankai because of reason low the portion bought beautiful luck black in May 2007, travel 12 thousand kilometer 9 good into new car Kuang Liang without the accident, without collision, blow loiter without oneself, install lacquer formerly, directional adjustment is dynamoelectric dynamoelectric driver's seat takes scuttle chair, lens backs a car after, back a car acoustics of radar guard against theft, price interview, without sincere not faze, the car is peddled not faze, phone 13664439162 contacts Mr Li

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